Get the source code

The source code for Horos is available at GitHub.

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Compiling requirements

Horos must be compiled on top of the OSX SDK 10.11 (El Capitan).

XCode 7.3.x+ is  recommended for compilation.

Compiling the code

Open Terminal and type these commands to compile the code:

git clone horos
cd horos
git checkout horos
xcodebuild -target "Unzip Binaries"
xcodebuild -target "Horos"

You can also compile Horos using the Xcode IDE – of course! From XCode or with Finder open the project named Horos.xcodeproj, which is in the directory you checked out the project. Then build the target “Unzip Binaries” and next the target named “Horos”.

Coding guidelines and best practices

There are numerous resources on the Internet for coding guidelines and best practices with Objective-C, the language Horos is written in.  We’ve bookmarked some of those resources for your exploration:

Submitting code to the project

The Horos Project is managed in GitHub.  For code submission instructions, follow our instructions here.

Reporting issues

To report issues, use the GitHub Issue Tracker.